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Signature d'un contrat

Professional Contract Law

Benefit from our expertise in contract negotiation, contract termination, as well as in loan and transfer transactions.

Player Taxation

We offer you annual support for the declaration of income and heritage architecture.

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Image structuring

of the player

Our firm has a real mastery of image structuring with the package integrating the creation of the image rights company and the operating license contract in France and the United Kingdom.

Patrimonial structuring

We support our clients in their financial development, notably through real estate investments.

Avocats et Associés

Player Agent Litigation

The litigation of the breach of contracts between agents and players is handled differently depending on the country and the applicable law.


However in France, the terms of the mandate contract will be decisive.


Indeed, the integration of a penalty clause and the adoption of a broad wording of the hypotheses for triggering the right to commission will serve in particular to quantify the compensable damage.


Our firm has extensive experience in this type of litigation before civil courts and can also offer you mandate contracts adapted to the development of case law instead of so-called "standard" mandate contracts.

FIFA procedures

Referral to the bodies of FIFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport may prove necessary for the resolution of international disputes.


However, the procedure is framed within strict deadlines and forms, which require the intervention of a specialist.


Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for an opinion on the chances of success of your dispute.

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